Wade Mountz Heritage Society Induction Dinner

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

Fourteen families who recently made large gifts to the Children’s Hospital Foundation and Norton Healthcare Foundation were celebrated at Ashbourne Farms on May 23. Members have donated more than $43 million for community healthcare since the society was established in 2008.

  • Wade Mountz Heritage Society 2018 Inductees.

  • Mary Ann Watkins and Wade Mountz.

  • Kathy Williams and Darlene Schultz.

  • Heather Singleton and Kathy Cox.

  • Walter Clare and Doug Means.

  • Leslie Smart and Karen Stout.

  • Edie Nixon and Wade Mountz.

  • Cheryl and Richard Ivey.

  • Kevin Wardell and Tom Kmetz.

  • Andrew and Meredith Koon, Lisa Stemler and Joyce Meyer.

  • Lynnie Meyer, Larry Butterfield and Azra Terzich.

  • Sarah and Alex Bumpas.

  • Tara White, Liz Williams and Anne Monell.

  • Stephanie Ubelhart, Rick and Mary Ann Watkins.

  • Stephanie and Todd Lanham.

  • Steve Williams and Wade Mountz.

  • Steve Williams, Wade Mountz and Russ Cox.

  • Craig Grant, Anne Monell, Maria Hampton and Merrell Grant.

  • Lynnie Meyer.

  • Russ Cox, Wade Mountz and Larry Butterfield.

  • Rebecca Dydynski.

  • Russ Cox.

  • Wade Mountz and Russ Cox.

  • Reverend William Schultz.