VIP Summer Pre-Sale Party

Photos by Tim Valentino

Barry Wooley Designs hosted a spectacular summer luau and sale at their NuLu location on July 18. Invitees had the chance to snag the best deals before the sale opened to the public. Special guest vendors included Luxe Surfaces, Wixology Candle Company and Surya.

  • Kate Vermillion of Wixology.

  • Terrian Barnes.

  • Jacqui Smith, Josh Griffin and William Osborne.

  • Beverly and Harry Bryan.

  • Tamara Alonso and Todd Mayden.

  • Pat Larkin, Vicki Carroll of Austin and Linda Tuley.

  • Jim Powell and Kathy Ragan-Powell.

  • Chuck and Saundra Gordon.

  • Eli Lucas and Katherine Receveur.

  • Dwight and Jayanna.

  • Barry Wooley and Katy McNeil.

  • Jayanna, Brittany and Dwight.

  • Zach Lorenzen and Skye Squires.

  • Cambria-Luxe Surfaces Rep Travis, and Susan Johnston.

  • Heather Falmen, Keith Zirbel and Annette Skaggs.

  • Dan Legaspi and Donna Paterrson-Legaspi.

  • Barry Wooley, Jude Loew and Patty and David McGowan.

  • Mary Miller and Leslie Paulin.

  • Vicki Carroll and Terrian Barnes.

  • Jacqui Smith and Eli Lucas.

  • Reynolds Jones and McKenzi Jolly.

  • David Allen and Lexy Williams.

  • Skye Squires, Sara Osborne and Jacqui Smith.