Twisted Pink Masquerade Ball

Photos by Bill Wine

On Saturday, Jan. 13, guests donned their most mysterious masquerade wear at this lively fundraiser for metastatic breast cancer research. Held at The Seelbach Hilton Hotel, the ball featured dinner, a silent auction and entertainment by Kudmani.

  • Jason and Madeleine Chesney.

  • David Clarkson, Ann E. Fangman and Kevin Heslin.

  • Benjamin Lacey performed.

  • Brett Zawacki with Alex, Rebecca and Zorre Kimura.

  • Phillip and Tara Thomas.

  • Kim Hales, Christine Brinkmann and Siofra Rucker.

  • Ryan, Kelly and Darrin McCauley with Matt O'Daniel (back middle).

  • Jeannine Sell, Tricia Delaby, Steve and Carla Coons and Jo Ellen Krupp.

  • Cathy Phillips and Rob Boak.

  • Kelly McCauley, Steve Brooksbank and Janet Lively.

  • Pamela Bratcher and Miss America Teen 2018 Miss Jefferson County Teen Haven Wolfe.

  • Bryan Flowers and Adam Wyatt.

  • Greg and Beverly McCombs.

  • Kate and Colin Gray.

  • Emily Maher, Vicki Dortch, Morgan Lentes, Erin Gritton, Jen Osburne and Tracie Hotopp.

  • Miss America 2018 Miss Hearth of Louisville Meredith Ellis and Miss America 2018 Miss Hearth of Louisville Teen Rachel Whitehouse.

  • Tara and Phillip Thomas.

  • Debbie and Bryan Flowers.

  • Terri Weber, Nick Belker and Sharon Bensinger.

  • Chris and Rashna Carmicle, Debbie Flowers with Stephanie and Levi Bristow.

  • Cathy Tolentino and Stephon Dingle.

  • Barbara and Rick Sweet.

  • Terri Van Hoose and emcee Rick Van Hoose.

  • Monnica and Brad Masters.

  • Carter and Nicole Vance with Juliet Gray.

  • Eleanor Hinkebein, Kate Harty and Taylor Whitlock.

  • Karen Roby, Brian Forrest with Mary Jane, Bill, Jill and Scott Roby.