Tuxes & Tails Gala

Photos by Photos by Kathryn Harrington

Guests had a tail-wagging good time at the 27th annual Tuxes & Tails Gala on Aug. 21 at the Louisville Downtown Marriott. The evening was appropriately themed “Woofstock” because who doesn’t need a little more Peace, Love & Pets? All proceeds from the event benefit the dogs, cats and horses at Kentucky Humane Society.

  • Lindsey and Robert Mason.

  • Megan Decker, Valerie Merrifield and Colgate.

  • Mrs. Kentucky Kim Robinson.

  • Britney Chaney, Dana Grady and Karen Coenig.

  • Jeannine Blazin and Panda Bear.

  • Mama Bear.

  • Mama Bear.

  • Jennifer Williams and Alice Shade.

  • Amelia Lawrey and Amber Peabody.

  • Sarah and Hannah Raake.

  • Annie and Mike Fisk.

  • Kurtis and Rebecca Fultz.

  • Chanelle Garriott and Suzette Rodgers.

  • Susan Howard and Bea Rosenberg.

  • Jonathan and Rosemary Brown with Purrfect Day Cat Cafe.

  • Doug Jansen and Rachel Horton.

  • Doug Jansen and Rachel Horton.

  • Rachel Horton and Doug Jansen.

  • Ryan Wermeling and Maddie Schueler.

  • Dakota Arnold and Michael Cheron.

  • Jeff Callaway, Sarah Greenberg holding Peter Petigrew and Dana Callaway.

  • Terri Stinebruner and Jennifer Chlarson.

  • Kevin Harned and Shannon Cogan.