Tuxes & Tails Gala

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

Guests had a tail-wagging good time at the 25th annual Tuxes & Tails Gala on Aug. 11 at the Marriott East Hotel. The disco-themed night featured adoptable pets as the guest stars of the night. All proceeds from the event benefit the dogs, cats and horses at Kentucky Humane Society.

  • Lee Buckholz and Michael Tierney.

  • Vanessa Martin, Sherri Bishop, Stacey Taylor and Anna Limanti.

  • Suzanna Westerfield, Cindy Collier and Cathy Zion.

  • Ken Chrissinger, Pat and Liz Howerton, Annie Shearn, Crissie Diebolt, Janet and David Shearn and Jennifer and Mitch Greenfield.

  • Ellen Stubbz, Lil Sebastian and Slone Huey.

  • Lil Sebastian.

  • Angie Scott and Sydney Spicer.

  • Breanna Worby.

  • Marty Kent and Lydia Witt.

  • Kristin McDonner and Glen Parcus.

  • Robert and Marilyn Smith.

  • Charlie Harwood and Kyle Franco.

  • Jenny and Mark Stegeman, Kimmet Cantwell, Kathy Neighbours, Annie Newlon and Mike Davis.

  • Bryson and Chris Tomsky with Kristen Britt.

  • Jason Loehr, Andrea Nikols and Briana Stanhope.

  • Meredith Berry, Kathlene O'Neil, Jessi Marshall, Frank Hanlon, Kristin Binkowski, Savannah Gregochik, Lily Pope and Kathryn Hamilton.

  • Paige Bentley holding Melissa.

  • Britany and Andrew Cartwright.

  • Matt Thompson with Laura and Greg Buth.