Tough Cookie Awards Breakfast

The Girls Scouts of Kentuckiana hosted the annual Tough Cookie Awards at the Louisville Marriott East on the morning of Oct. 18.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Terri Massey and Gayle Prichard.

  • Pamela Broadus and Pastor Corrie Shell.

  • Jessie Halladay and Major Aubrey Gregory.

  • Christie Titmuss, Amber Pintar and Kelli Haskins with Healthcare Services Group.

  • Gayle Prichard, Charlotte Peake and Ann Russo.

  • Lindsey Miller, Ricardo Gonzalez, Ingrid Hernandez and Aidita Bartolomei.

  • Katie and Terry Rixman with Karen Pierce.

  • Cathi Bingaman and Angie Bailey.

  • Amy and Sydney Greenamyer.

  • Laura George and Amber Colmore.

  • Johanna Wheatley, Dave Ising and Casey Wilson.

  • Ann Dever and Nancy Northrop.

  • Abbey Costello, Julia Minotti, Leigh Anne Burke-Schaad and Blair Manning.

  • Mayor Greg Fischer, Lisa Benson and Doug James with Business First.

  • Mayor Greg Fischer, Janice Carter Levitch and Steve Humphrey.