Thunder Over Louisville

Hundreds of thousands of people gathered on the Great Lawn at Louisville Waterfront Park to witness the nation’s largest fireworks show on April 13. Though the rain started at the same time as the fireworks, attendees enjoyed a beautiful day taking in the annual airshow, military interactive display, kid’s activities and more.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Reagan Reynolds and Chris Shelburne.

  • Rhonda and Kevin Dorgan.

  • Michael and Valerie Allen.

  • Ken Mairs, Jill Thrakill and Ayryn Chilton.

  • Katie von Jena, Joey Jilk, Lauren Campbell, Mac Davis, Taylor Burch and Tyler Steier.

  • Dan Kovairk, Shannon Jones and Jacob.

  • Dexter and Dionne Hicks.

  • Bettie and Summer Breitenstein.

  • The Miniard Family.

  • The McClanahan Family.

  • Nyreesh Smith and Clinton Quincy Coleman.

  • Jordan Ponder, Krystell Aquino, Maggie Cabrera and Maria Trevizo.