The VOICE June Issue Release Party

Photos by Kathryn Harrington


The Waterfront Botanical Gardens hosted The VOICE of Louisville’s June Issue Release Party on June 3 in partnership with Flowers Winery and Decoy Seltzer. Hors d’oeuvres were provided by Cultured, the A Method Skincare offered information on their products, and Digs Home & Garden and Petals provided decor. 

  • Steve Humphrey, Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey, Laura Snyder, Liz Bingham, Caroline Shoenberger and Scott Shoenberger.

  • Pascalle Ballard, James Scudder and Amy Barnes.

  • Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey, Bruce Robson, Lauren Anderson, Beth Graham and Kristen Jensen with Davis Jewelers.

  • Anna Byerley and Ella Treinen.

  • Megan Simon with Dana and Joe Daily.

  • Janice Blythe and Marty Simione.

  • Kasey Maier, Raymond Schutts and Caroline Seay Schutts, Kent and Kathy Oyler and Steve Humphrey.

  • Julie Cooke with A Method.

  • Seth Staples, Elizabeth Scinta, Liz Bingham and Ryan Rogers.

  • Pat Ballard and Teri Smith.

  • Mike LaFountain and Jeff Hunter with Lauren and John Anderson.

  • Joe Perkowski and Mary Casey.

  • Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey, Steve Humphrey and Laura Snyder.

  • Kasey Maier and Chuck Mitchell.

  • Rob and Lorie Davenport.

  • Kristen Jensen, Randy Blevins and Beth Graham.

  • Ella Treinen.

  • Beth Graham.

  • Ella Treinen.

  • Bruce Robson, Elizabeth Chandler, Mary Casey and Joe Perkowski.

  • Laura Snyder, Randy Blevins, Janice Carter Levitch Humphrey and Jeff Wallitch.

  • Andrea Hutchinson, James Scudder and Pascalle Ballard.

  • Ryan Rogers, Liz Bingham, Caroline Shoenberger and Ty Gardner.

  • Andy Gunkler, Alyce Weixler, Lesley Kinney and Kasey Maier.

  • Kent and Kathy Oyler with Matt Jamie.

  • John and Lauren Anderson, Louise Van Winkle, Willy Breen, Ed James and Chenault Van Winkle.

  • Kent and Kathy Oyler with Ed James.

  • Liz Bingham, Lauren Anderson and Chenault Van Winkle.