The Voice Derby Issue Launch Party

Staff and friends of The Voice celebrated the launch of our April Derby issue on March 23 at ALEX&NDER bar and lounge at Copper & Kings Distillery. Attendees browsed through the new edition while enjoying hors d’oeuvres from Butchertown Grocery and shopping for Derby headwear from Darling Handmades.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Calvin and Connie Bibb.

  • Michelle and Jason Magrum.

  • David Grantz and John Harralson.

  • Suzy Stone and Hilda Carr.

  • Ryan Daly and Erich Popp.

  • Alan Wells and Mike Tomes.

  • Jim Allen and Wendie Canavan with Genesis Diamonds.

  • Tia Bell and Jayme Krstich.

  • Jim Bartley, Judy Thornberry and Jackie Gedrose.

  • Tiffany Woodard with Darling Handmades and Kaelyn Lyverse.

  • Britany Baker and Mariah Kline.

  • Mike Tomes, Nicole Hayden and Latora Michelle.

  • Sean Reagan, Marvin Dyer, Mike Tomes and Alan Wells.

  • Allie and Madalyn Klika.

  • Rebecca Bukuru, China Jameson and Lori Barry.

  • Jeff Hunter with Shilaa and Ryan Adcock.

  • Meredith and Rita Ellis.

  • Andrea Hutchinson, Miranda McDonald and Britany Baker.

  • Hilda Carr, Andrea Hutchinson, Kaelyn Lyverse and Miranda McDonald.

  • Tiffany Woodard, Liz Bingham, Kaelyn Lyverse, Hilda Carr, Andrea Hutchinson and Miranda McDonald.

  • Esther and Jose Pacheco.

  • Pamela and Lauren Broadus.

  • Svea Allgeier, Susan Graves and Mattie Brown.

  • Kitty Pfeiffer with Lenihan Sotheby's and Kelly Pfeiffer.

  • Annaliese Kerman and Liz Bingham.

  • Cynthia and Kevin Johns and Kimberly Cyrus with Class Act Federal Credit Union with Jason and Michelle Magrum.