The Skin Group Spring Open House

The Skin Group celebrated the new season with fabulous raffles, giveaways and discounts on the evening of March 12.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Stephanie Jones, Tricia Fox and Lisa Zax.

  • Shannon English and Dan Stilson.

  • Ann Hinz, Whitney Caple, Robin Friedly and Ellen Kittle.

  • Victoria Lleras, Tabitha Lilly and Alicia Lleras.

  • Beverly Shields-Todd and Maureen Hilsenrad.

  • June Templeton with Reba and Kristina Katsampes.

  • Barb Bresnahan and Emily Crumbly.

  • Janelle Willoughby and Leigh Bomar.

  • Lovella Scamlon and Carlye Reesor.

  • Debbie Randles and Olivia Skaggs.

  • Dr. Robert Zax and Lisa Zax.

  • Janelle Willoughby, Lisa Zax and Shannon England.

  • Michelle Palas, Hadley, and Britney Deyo.