The Queen’s Daughters Derby Fashion Show & Luncheon

Photos by Kathryn Harrington


The Queen’s Daughters, a Catholic women’s organization, hosted their annual Pre-Derby Spring Fashion Show and Luncheon “La Vie en Rose” sponsored by Dillards at The Crowne Plaza on Monday, April 19. 

  • Jennifer Barker and Amy Daus.

  • Judge Jessica Moore.

  • Judge Jessica Moore.

  • Judge Jessica Moore.

  • Mary Kay Hyland, Colette Dumstorf, Jennifer Abell and Carol Hebel.

  • Back Row: Leah Lahkiah Nelson, Mandy Paganetto, Melanie Tate Schneider, Tonya Steyn, guest, Tawana Bain, Tanya Greenberg and guests. Bottom Row: Lucie Stansbury, Shari Baughman, guest, Julia Carstanjen, Scotty Dooley, Shannon King and guest.

  • Betsy Kamuf, Kathleen Reinhart, Nancy Fischer, Annette Amshoff, Judy Koenig, Joyce Jennings and Sue Wight.

  • Melanie Tate Schneider, Tanya Greenberg, Tonya Steyn, Shari Baughman, Joyce Jennings, Lucie Stansbury and Scotty Dooley.

  • Denise Cesarski and Stephanie Neal.

  • Martha Dorsey and Ann Puffer.

  • Jan Pardieu, Judy Fitzhugh, Colletta Herbig, Betty Arnett and Elaine Russell.

  • Lynn Nalley and Julie Roggenkamp Walker.

  • Shari Baughman, Lucie Stansbury and Melanie Tate Schneider.

  • Lara Grote and Joyce Jennings.