The Parklands 5K Walk & Run

In support of the Parklands of Floyds Fork, runners and walkers took in the beauty of Beckley Creek Park at this inaugural 5K walk and run on June 15.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Jackie Wallin was thrilled to finish her fastest 5k yet.

  • Perry McCollom, age 85 and still finishing 5ks.

  • April and Robert Castle with Star.

  • Kim Priest and April Castle.

  • Tom Hollingsworth, Amanda Egan and Kelly Hollingsworth.

  • Amy Picklesimer and A.J. Moorman.

  • John Thompson and Bobby Hayes.

  • Melissa Barker, Melissa White and Connie Ammon.

  • Christie Royalty and Vince Sebastian.

  • Penny Vincent, Courtney Vincent and Kayla Osbourne.

  • Jennifer Gries and Candy Thomas.

  • Allison Meyer and Holly Sanders.

  • Angel and Vivian Marin.

  • Jeremy Herron and Brenda Goforth.

  • Dan and Will Jones.

  • Ram and Jamani Vala.

  • Ben Price and Craig Burnett.

  • Justus Maiyo, Brittany McGilberry and Ernest Kibet.

  • Duane and Karen Johnson.

  • The White Family made it a family affair with Peter, David, Michelle and Henry.

  • Hope and Mikey Thacker with Ace and Little Mikey and Tonya Basey.

  • Arty Exum had a spirited finish.

  • Arty Exum had a spirited finish.

  • Arty Exum had a spirited finish.

  • Morgan Babey, Martha Sutt and Casey Smith.