The Designer Experience

Photos by Tim Valentino

Louisville Bespoke teamed up with Barry Wooley Designs for this one-of-a-kind experience on September 21. Guests previewed the latest in home design from BW and witnessed a cutting edge fashion show from Louisville Bespoke while enjoying drinks from Tito’s Vodka.

  • Jude Loew and Mary Miller.

  • Tom Person of woodincufflinks.com.

  • Delanie Kahl, Dylan Hillerich ad Lisa Kahl-Hillerich of Roxy Nell Blue Jeans.

  • Delanie Kahl, Dylan Hillerich ad Lisa Kahl-Hillerich of Roxy Nell Blue Jeans.

  • Jude Loew and Karen Casi.

  • Elizabeth Elliott, Anne Hatfield, Christine Robey and Stephanie Miller Klap of Bare Nakee Leather.

  • Matt Multerer and Josh Millbranth of Fine Spun.

  • Kourtnei Lea, Kailee Wunderlich and Victoria Lea of Victoria Kazue.

  • Annie St. Clair and Ava Ferree of A. St. Clair.

  • Tommy, Maggie and Colleen Clines, Courtney Hunt, Natalie Smith and Macauley and Debbie Murphy.

  • Antonio Dillworth, Sarah Havens and Grace Diamond Nation of Havens Millinery.

  • Yamilca Rodriguez, Rolf Provan and Jennifer Blair.

  • LB3.

  • Sarah Havens and Craig Scherman.

  • Crystal and Anthony Pizzitola of Buck's.

  • Cindy Sheafer, Maggie Sasher and Terrian Barnes.

  • Samantha Colburn, Christine Fellingham and Nancy Miller.

  • Lizzy Smith, Shane Wohlschledel and Leah Vogel.

  • Joe Scrogham, Sam Smith and Kayse Smith.

  • Tammy Stuart and Eli Lucas.

  • Anita Powell and Craig Scherman.

  • Hunter Zieske and Bethany Hood.

  • Barry Wooley, Nancy Maas and Charles Wooley.

  • The BW Design Team!!!

  • Lisa Cochran and Julie Tichenor.

  • Barry Wooley and Jude Loew.

  • Steve and Melissa Steurer of Steurer and Co., Faith Yascone and Roxanne Dunaway.

  • Zach Lorenzen and Skye Squires.

  • Elizabeth Peake of Peake Ties and Jon Baughman.

  • Tramon and Tyshawn.

  • Lizzy Smith, Heather Falmen, Keith Zirbel, Tonya York Dees and Lizzy Smith.

  • Mary Beth Clark and Sharon Cheek.

  • Annette Skaggs, Sharon Cheek and Karen Casi.

  • Yamilca Rodriguez and Roxanne Dunaway.

  • Alex, Jared and Kristin Marlowe.

  • Kim Behrle, Kristin Waldron and Amy Schulwolf.

  • Lisa Cochran.

  • Chris Burns, Cathy Christian, Soon Bahrami and Barry Wooley.

  • Soon Bahrami, Chris Burns and Cathy Christian.

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