The Bourbon Mixer

Photos by Tim Valentino

The Whisky Chicks and the Bourbon Brotherhood once again joined forces to host this event on August 19. Held at the Henry Clay, this celebration featured bourbon tastings, specialty cocktails and delicious Southern foods. Guests were also able to meet and mingle with Master Distillers from Copper & Kings, Bulleit and other participating distilleries.

  • Ted Huber and Craig Rowe.

  • Liz Ratliff and Jenn Arnett.

  • Molly Cochran and David Doolittle.

  • Haley Perros.

  • Les and Sheila Blaine.

  • Cat Platz.

  • Missy and John Hillock.

  • Tom Yenowine and Madeline Mortenson.

  • Tara Bowling and Haley Routt.

  • Vicki Estep and Jonnie Castillo.

  • John and Jamie Hammond, Nathan and Andrea Lindemeyer and Jennifer and Jeremy Melloan.

  • Chuck Lumskis, Heather Williams and Jeff and Anita McGlaun.

  • Elizabeth Jent and Sara Havens.

  • Theresa Men and Erika Figge.

  • Theresa Men and Erika Figge.

  • Tom Berge, Dennis Murrell and Sheila and Ronald Wilt.

  • Dona Hood, Teresa Wittemer and Sylvia Baltzell of Jim Beam.

  • Kelly Pruitt, Maggie Welp and Thomas Bolton.

  • Ted and Dana Huber.

  • Mark and Marci Perelmuter and Rhonda and Jim Reskin.

  • Brenda Shafer, Sarah Milligan, Charissa O'Holleran and Chance Sellers.

  • Melanie Morrow and Amanda Goodin.

  • Emily Cleveland and Phoebe Neace of Best Buddies.

  • Terra Overstreet and Cyndy Tandy.

  • Jessica Taylor, Ladonna Nicolas, Larry Shapin and Rebecca and Paul Cox.

  • Jessica Taylor, Ladonna Nicolas, Larry Shapin and Rebecca and Paul Cox.

  • Cyndy Tandy, Tom Bellingham, Jacquelyn Scanlan and Terra Overstreet.