‘The American Library’ Opening Reception

In partnership with 21c Museum, “Yinka Shonibare CBE: The American Library” officially opened at the Speed Art Museum on March 28. The new exhibition celebrates and explores diversity and immigration in American identity.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Katie Mullen, Kelly Scott, Hannah McAuley, Evan McMahon and Adrienne Miller.

  • Robert Metz, Joanne Shepherd and Penelope Morton.

  • Mark Mick and Ozair Shariff.

  • Fred Bidwell and Jennifer Blair.

  • Miranda Lash and Alice Gray Stites.

  • Brianna Harlan, Sheridan Gates, Tory Parker and Woo Speed McNaughton.

  • Kelin Rapp and Elizabeth Perry Spalding.

  • Carol Reitze and Sharron Stefater.

  • Steve Wilson, Heather Kleisner and Jim Haynes.

  • Shelly Ann Kamei, Elmer Lucille Allen and Blair Butler.

  • James Cohan, Miranda Lash and Laura Lee Brown.

  • Jim Gillespie, Katie Wilson and Kendall Maxwell.

  • Richard Campbell and Heather Kleisner.

  • Ellie Gordon, Jerry Seligman, Chuck and Sarah O'Koon with Jeff and Susan Callen.