Teri Dryden Artist Reception

B. Deemer Gallery hosted a reception for the opening of Teri Dryden’s newest exhibition, “Yutori,” on Feb 8. The works, inspired by Dryden’s residency in Shiro Oni, Japan, showcase her own internal artistic growth as she explored a completely new culture for six weeks. “Yutori” will run through March 12.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Teri Dryden.

  • John Andrew Dixon takes a photo of Teri Dryden's work.

  • Clarence Hixson, Patricia Perryman and Mack Dryden.

  • Sherry and Kevin Fields.

  • Gail Gilbert, Ellen Weis and Kathy Atwood.

  • Aldy Milliken and Teri Dryden.

  • Phillip and Denise Gahm.

  • Ashley Albright and Anne Shadle.

  • Patty Johnson and Aldy Milliken.

  • Bob and Marty Niederman with Dr. Mark Wourms.

  • Catherine Bryant, Jeannie Distler, Teri Dryden, Elise Fazio and Lisa Lippy.

  • Jody Caldwell, Teri Dryden, Richard Johnson and Jeremy Songer.

  • Rhonda Goodall and Jan Kirstein.

  • Joanne Deitrich, Brenda Deemer and Teri Dryden.

  • Vallorie Henderson and Elizabeth Foley.

  • Victoria Mayer, Diane Kissel and Barbara Riordan.

  • Patty Johnson and Allison Deckel.

  • Scott Blake and Bette Levy.

  • Dana and John Andrew Dixon.

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