Summerfest at Belmont

Held at Belmont Village Senior Living and produced in partnership with BrightStar Care, Summerfest on Thursday, July 13 was complete with fun summer drinks and snacks. Guests had the opportunity to network with people in the community while raising money for Kentuckiana Stroke Association. Attendees entered a raffle to win $250, $500 or $1000! 

Photos By Emily Berry.

  • Caroline Franklin and Malana Couty

  • Sheri Ash, Ted Burfict and Teresa Doyle

  • Teresa Doyle, Alisha Duvall, Sheri Ash and Carrie Duman

  • Jay Metcalf, Drew Hight and Kelly Tyler

  • Dana Moody, John Dotson and Debbie Harper

  • Mary Fields, Colleen Sprinkle, Sheri Ash and Susie Heim

  • Sheri Ash, Trip and Dub Newell

  • Sheri Ash with Chef Jeff Schmidt

  • Paula Carey, Cindy Stivers and Rhonda Harding

  • Teresa Doyle

  • Kim Stasiak and Dana Johnson

  • Mary Fields and Shana Haq

  • Lin Schussler-Williams, Soni Castleberry and Heather Shake

  • Sheri Henry and Melissa Paige