Sterling Crate Home Open House

Photos by Kathryn Harrington


Sterling Crate Home hosted a furniture and home accessories warehouse sale the weekend of March 13-14. 

  • Katie Scales and Dana Goins.

  • Barry and Rebecca Cecil.

  • Katie Borgel and Lorrie Hawkins.

  • Dana Mayton and Lisa Andrew.

  • Gayle Cornett and Lisa Fergerson.

  • Tracey Moore and Nati Del Rosal.

  • Hayley Wheeler, Terry Fulks and Dana Wheeler.

  • Thomas, Cathy, Steve and Claira Kessler.

  • Corinna Pannell and Ann Graham.

  • Dianne James and Michael Bullock.

  • Jeannie Weir and Becky Jansen.

  • Barry Stevens, Naomi Stevens, Brandei Sellers, Chad Sellers, Emily Jude and JJ Jude.

  • Brandei Sellers, Karen Sellers and Chris Goodknight with Goodknight Designs.