Spring Alive at Liv Boutique

Photos by Tim Valentino

On March 21, Liv Boutique held a spring-themed event at their St. Matthews store hosted by local influencers from around the community. A portion of the evening’s proceeds benefited Maryhurst, the oldest child welfare non-profit in the state of Kentucky.

  • Audrey Russell, Charlotte Smith and Caroline Karrig in the back and Ellie Saltzman and Lizzie Sexton in the front.

  • Kiki.

  • Caroline Karrig, Audrey Russell and Charlotte Smith.

  • Christa Rose and Jenna Bauer.

  • Annie Locke and Madison Dutton.

  • Kim Kennedy, Jodi Wagner and Liv Boutique Owner Lucie Stansbury.

  • Kathy Cox and WDRB's Elizabeth Woolsey.

  • Jenna Bauer, Christa Rose and Lesa Buckler of Details.

  • Lizzie Sexton, Audrey Russell and Elia Saltzman.

  • Jill Wood, Suzi Tipton, Marilyn Collis Sexton and Debbie Collis.

  • Austin Anderton, Hollis Gargala, Ritu Furlan, Elizabeth Woolsey, Amanda Schriber and Annie Locke.

  • Jan Wade, Emily Esarey, Nancy Vosters, Madison Dutton and Annie Locke of Pure Barre.

  • Austin Anderton and Nicole Vance.

  • Debbie Hannan, Susie Ades Pomerance and Alyce Weixler.

  • Cheryl Franck, Elizabeth Woolsey, Jennifer Van Vactor and Marilyn Collis Sexton.

  • Annabeth and Kelly Cohen.

  • Tracy Varga and Lucie Stansbury.

  • Tracy Varga, Cheri Collis White and Austin Anderton.

  • Astrid Mayer, Laura Benson Jones and Cheri Collis White.

  • Lee Hensley and Lizzie Smith.

  • Bert Stansbury.

  • Katie Kern of Maryhurst and Cheryl Franck.

  • Lucie and Bert Stansbury of Liv Boutique.

  • Katie Kern of Maryhurst, Pat Ballard and Cheryl Franck.