Spalding University Library Celebration

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

Students, faculty and friends of Spalding University gathered together for this semi-centennial celebration. Guests enjoyed birthday cake, live music and mingling with local artists whose work is on display in the library.

  • Jack and Sandy Bailey

  • Izzy Futrell, Miguel Rodriguez, Annalise Fegan, Dean of Spalding and President of KyCAD Moira Payne and Mikhaila Shaffer.

  • Izzy Futrell, Miguel Rodriguez, Annalise Fegan and Mikhaila Shaffer.

  • Councilman Glen Stuckel, Joy Stuckel, Ann Stroth and H Stroth with Kosair Charities.

  • Peary Wilson, Angie Redmon, Janet Lively and Darrin McCauley.

  • Tessa Withorn and Sam Meyer.

  • Jasmine Torres with her piece titled "Riley"-Holy People 2017.

  • Jake Snyder and Jasmine Torres.

  • Kathy McVay and Shirley Spalding.

  • Liz Hack and Misty Griffin.

  • Shirley Spalding.

  • Phoebe Wood and Cindy Adelberg.

  • John Heideman, Pamela Greenwell and Mike Rodgers.

  • Lynnell and Wes Edmonds.

  • Carolyn Vetter, Kay Vetter, Steve Anderson and Chris Hart.

  • Pamela Greenwell.

  • Cindee and Mitch Rapp.

  • Rita Robbins and Louis Judd.

  • Susan Griffin and Carol Mullins.