SKYN Lounge 10 Year Anniversary Open House

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson


To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of SKYN Lounge, they hosted an open house on June 3 that included drinks and light bites, a DJ with live music, raffles and specials for attendees.

  • Summer Open House at Skyn Lounge.

  • Felicia Cox, Amy Dennison and Maria Baumgardner.

  • Suzanne Schimpeler and Larry Woodward.

  • David Grantz and Kelly K.

  • Miranda Ochoa and Kara Moninger.

  • Suzie Ades-Pomerance, Anne Bironas

  • Erica McDowell and Suzanne Schimpeler.

  • Heather Nutt, Cheryl Waltrip and Cindy Nutt.

  • Amy Dennison, Erica McDowell and Felicia Cox.

  • David Grantz and Erica McDowell.

  • Skyn Lounge Summer Open House.