Sixth Annual Oscar Watch Party

Louisville Film Society (LFS) hosted their annual viewing party for the biggest night in Hollywood at Copper & Kings on Feb. 24. Guests dressed in their finest attire for the red carpet and witnessed as the year’s best films and performances were honored.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Emily Gypsy and Edgar Migirov.

  • Nancy Tafel and Ashlea Spears.

  • Andrea and Tyler Ahl with Gary Leo Miller.

  • Katherine Veale and Lauren Midden.

  • Patrick Cassin, Alycianna Vatista and Clay Goodson.

  • Mary Anne and Bill Arnold.

  • Charlene Holloway and Ruth Simons.

  • Chad Eric Smith and William Crouch.

  • Janie Kasse and Ashlea Spears.

  • James Neat, Dean Otto, Nancy Tafel and Stu Pollard.

  • Todd Bird and Clay Schrenger.

  • Steve and Kate Squall.

  • Rob Morrow and Kyle O'Bannon.

  • Jeffery and Susan Callen.

  • Charlene Holloway and Cheri Hildreth.

  • Chris Taylor and Katie Timberlake.

  • Andy Nichols and Lauren Hendricks.

  • Gill Holland, Nancy Tafel, Soozie Eastman and Stu Pollard.

  • Lauren Hendricks, Gill Holland, Mo McKnight Howe and L Kevin Tur.

  • Michael Mau and Samantha Jean Moore.