Sip, Shop & Give Back

Hosted by The Trifecta and the Bridgeman Family, this holiday event took place at Rodeo Drive on Dec. 12. Guests participated in fabulous giveaways, and 10 percent of all purchases were donated to The West End School.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Kristin Warfield, JP Davis and Tammy York Day.

  • Charlie Druin and Mechelle Porter.

  • Raquel Koff and Sandy Bailen.

  • Elizabeth Remmers and Ashton Gahm.

  • Eden Bridgeman, Patti Swope and Tawana Bain.

  • Stacy Hettich, Micha Harmes and Abby Nash.

  • Lisa Declan and Sarah Mitchell.

  • Marsha Wells and Terryl McCray.

  • Janice Owen, Heather Smith and Elizabeth Wilson.

  • Olga Goldstein and Kristi Fulkerson.

  • Laura Swenson and Jamie Gregor.

  • Lisa Zax and Janelle Wilhoughby.

  • Marsha Wells, Terryl McCray and Raquel Koff.