Signature Social

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

Leading up to the Signature Chefs Auction coming up in November, March of Dimes hosted their Signature Social at Churchill Downs on Aug. 16. Event partners and supporters got acquainted with this year’s event chair, Marla Guillaume, and this year’s ambassador family, Kelsey Petrino Scott and LD Scott.

  • John Leake and Chef David Danielson.

  • Stephanie Renner, Carolyn Harper and Marla Guillaume.

  • Kelsey Petrino Scott and Marla Guillaume.

  • Kelsey Petrino Scott and Marla Guillaume.

  • Bill Menish and Lisa Dwelly.

  • Keith Inman and Bill Menish.

  • Scott and Kimberly Miller with Miller Company Inc., platinum sponsor for March of Dimes.

  • Rachel Guttstein and Dorothy Menish.

  • Courtney Giesel, John Key and Rick Guillaume.

  • Rachel Guttstein with Dorothy and Bill Menish.

  • Brandon and Taylor Codey.

  • Alan Curran, Gareth James, Lee Guillaume and Scott Miller.

  • Monica Bohn, Vicki Rogers and John Leake.

  • Sue Clark, Sandy Allgeier, Donna Gillaspie and Tammy Johnson.

  • Brittany Wade and Whitten Montgomery.

  • Brianna Scott, Kelsey Petrino Scott, Emmett, Anissa and Braylon Scott.

  • Linda Rice, Keith Inman, Cindy Rice Grissom and Susan Inman.

  • Dorothy Menish, Rachel Guttstein, Morgan Tiemann and Michelle Abel.

  • John and Sara Taylor with John McGarvey.

  • Peter Rosenberg and Lisa Dwelly.

  • Marla and Lee Guillaume.

  • Lamont and Marty Coker.

  • Ann Guillaume with Alan and Jeannie Curran.

  • Alex and Anna Hill.

  • Kaitlyn and Tim George.

  • Kimberly Miller with Jeannie and Alan Curran.

  • Kimberly Miller with Jeannie and Alan Curran.