See You Next Year Celebration

Photos by Tim Valentino

Walter and Valinda Weibel, who will co-chair the 2019 Heart Ball, hosted this mixer at Lexus of Louisville on March 22.

  • Walter Weibel, Latoyia Lackey, Pam Freibert, Ann Edelson and Sherry Forrester.

  • Mary and Steve Reinle.

  • Kimberly and Andy Kim and Walter and Velinda Weibel.

  • Jennifer Houck and Jason and Laura Zachariah.

  • Mary Cleveland, Latoyia Lackey and Bill Elder.

  • Leslie Hammer, Samantha Burnett and Mary Witsiepe.

  • Peggy Heuser, Tracy Steward and Kari Guy.

  • Louis Heuser and Dr. Jan Anderson.

  • Sally Snavely, Jennifer and Mick Welscher and Leslie Tate.

  • Brianna and Doug Stonecash.

  • Nick Rehm, and Danielle McKenzie.

  • Pam Wangel, Tom Alaimo and Tamar, Rick and Natalie Schwartz.

  • Velinda and Walter Weibel of Lexus of Louisville.

  • Laura and Jason Zachariah and David and Leslie Tate.

  • Ruth And Mike Devore.

  • Walter and Velinda Weibel address the guests.

  • Walter and Velinda Weibel address the guests.

  • Steve Minor, Alan Mauser.

  • Michal Riback Kruger and Phyllis And Bill Petot.

  • Suzy Hillebrand of the American Heart Association and Steve and Mary Reinle.