Second Presbyterian Fall Festival

Second Prebyterian Church, located on Brownsboro Road, celebrated the autumn season with a fall
festival in October in the church gymnasium.

Photos by John H. Harralson Jr.

On the Town with Celebrated photographer John H. Harralson Jr.

John H. Harralson Jr. is a veteran photographer and iconic figure in Louisville society. He owned and published The Voice from 1987 through 2005. At the age of 92, Mr. Harralson still regularly contributes to the magazine and can often be seen photographing local parties, galas and sporting events.

  • Reyna Dobbins with her grandfather, Chuck Dobbins.

  • Katie and Chad Dobbins.

  • John McCarthy and Jennifer Ferguson.

  • Tom and Christy Campbell.

  • Laura Atkinson and Evelyn and Janet Rittenhouse.

  • Tanner and Kate Watkins.

  • Kaylee Phillips, Rhoads Moss and James Stein.