Savor at River House Grand Opening

A private grand opening of Savor at River House was held on the evening of Nov. 19. Guests had the opportunity to view the new space and sample delicious items from the menu.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Jan and Charlie Wallace.

  • John Breen and Stacy Roof.

  • Jeanna and Chef John Varanese.

  • Alexa Jupe, Danielle McWhorter, Ellen Fox and Judy Fay.

  • Travis Doster and Elizabeth Woolsey with WDRB.

  • Chef John Varanese and General Manager Dan O'Connel.

  • JoAnn Haner, Megan Durbin and Carol Wade.

  • Robbie Bartlett with Lynn and Dr. Lynn Jester.

  • Tom and Nancy Tafel with Margee Rulketter and Gloria Brockman.

  • Tom Middleton and Dr. Ann Mudd.

  • Maggie Harlow and Valerie Shalash.

  • Fleurette Hutcherson, Tatiane Cavallazzi and Melissa Morris.

  • Chef John Varanese and Sheraton Hotel Concierge Frank Green.

  • Toni Brady, Gale Bohn and Rick Dickman.

  • Sharon and Jack Freibert with Suellen and Rob Nolan.