Salute to Catholic School Alumni Dinner

On March 27, the Catholic Education Foundation of the Archdiocese of Louisville hosted its 29th annual celebration of excellence at the Galt House Hotel. Those honored for their accomplishments this year included Monica Beam Bohn, Jeffrey S. Brohm, Rev. Thomas E. Gentile, R. Kenyon Meyer, Victoria Imorde Weber, Thomas A. Wimsett, William J. Rothwell and Anne C. Bahr.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • John Kahl, Rev. David H. Zettel and John D. Ryan.

  • Sharon and Harold Wimsett.

  • Bob and Terri Reilly.

  • Gary Gruneisen and Marla Cautilli with Hand in Hand Ministries.

  • Julie Donahue, Teresa Meyer and Mary Lou Mayhall.

  • Aaron Dauenhauer and Janice Barry.

  • Carla Raque with Angie, Karen and Caroline Krill.

  • Sheila Reiss with Jack and Marlene Will.

  • Mandy and Greg Gentile.

  • Stacie Provine, Katie Kiefer and Hannah Avery.

  • Brad Warren and Michelle Schaefer.

  • Mark Dohrman with Renee and Ricky Robinson.

  • Jean Anne Zappa, OSU and Beth Freeman.

  • Tim Mulloy with Jill and Rachel Bell.

  • Brad Nunn, Eric Granger and Jeff Deetsch.

  • Lisa DeJaco Crutcher, Jean Passafiume and Clara Fultz.

  • Patty and Will Kantlehner with Michelle Wheeler.

  • Doug Strothman and Jennifer Eberle with Sherry and Don Bowers.

  • Kelly Henry and Tim Hagerty.

  • Katie Spenlau, Emily Thompson and Beeps Shearn.

  • Susan Moore, Lynnie Meyer, Evan Spalding and Judge Jessica Moore.

  • Gwen Crawford and Donna Klein.

  • Sharon Bohannon, Linda Gleis and Kathy Mullen.