Runway for the Roses

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

Westport Village hosted this delightful Derby fashion show at Summer Classics on March 22. Participating boutiques included Apricot Lane, Chartreuse, Clater Jewelers, Collections, Darling State of Mind, FRESH Boutique for Girls, Shirts Ties N Links and Tunie’s.

  • Mary Louise Schepman, Cindy Gaffney, Jamie Church, Chan Milton, Rebecca Switzer, Brenda Stiller and Sue Spalding.

  • Madison Satterwhite and Claudia Coffey.

  • Emcee Claudia Coffey.

  • Kelly Brown.

  • Maryhurst alumna Madison Satterwhite.

  • Michelle Cochran, Patti Swope and Rebecca Switzer.

  • Sarah Marshall and Allison Carothers.

  • Stephanie Cook and Katie Kern.

  • Kelly Brown and Laurie Lennon.

  • Janet and Katherine Dauby.

  • Jennifer Watson and Cindy Mayfield.

  • Robin Arnold and Cindy Vaughan.

  • Florence Browne, Judy Graham and Shelly Trefes.

  • Kim and Brent Byrd.

  • Brittany Clevinger and April Mattingly.

  • Abby Fox, Liz Morris and Susan Krekel.

  • Beth Moore and Liz Carl.

  • Valerie Netherton and Amy Duck.

  • Hannah Martin and Brooklyn Roller.