Runway for the Roses

Westport Village hosted its annual Runway for the Roses event on March 21 at Bliss Home. Guests enjoyed a Derby fashion show with styles from several shops in Westport Village as well as a special Four Roses Cocktail Hour.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Karen Finn, Debbie Wooten, Lisa Fox and Kim Rose.

  • Anita Guzman Tomchek with Patti and Madalyn Klika.

  • Becca Gibson, Claudia Coffey and Emily Morris.

  • Tess Sims and Ursula Boehnert.

  • Pam Deeley and Pam Shanklin.

  • Jennie Means and Dana Armstrong.

  • Sharon Salvatore and Robyn Cole.

  • Allie Martin and Lindsay Latimer.

  • Emily Hahn and Cindy Britt.

  • Kalisa Rice and Kim Byrd.

  • Rebecca Insko, Terrianne Tremayne, Darci Puryear and Bea Brahmbhatt.

  • Terie and Brittany Blankenbaker with Kristen Massey.

  • Beth Beckovich and Stacey Mecier.

  • Wendy Bootes with Sam and Katie Rouster.

  • Claudia Coffey.

  • Linda Gerrits and Aline Carter.

  • Julie Dorsey, Kim Heath, Cindy Philpott and Sharon Woodward.

  • Sheree Shannon and Rosemary Stopher.

  • Paige Stopher, Sheree Shannon and Rosemary Stopher.

  • Danielle Bundrent, Kimberly Castle and Eve Woock.

  • Melissa Moore, Kim Hendrickson, Cheryl Franck and Kathy Campbell.

  • Karen Deckard and Elizabeth Rhodes.