Roses and Rosè

This first-time brunch soiree was hosted at Evermore in Mockingbird Valley on May 11. Guests enjoyed a buffet from Lilly’s and performance by Pride of Kentucky Chorus. Proceeds from the event went to St. Vincent de Paul Louisville, which helps at-risk youth and supports those in need of assistance with meals, housing, addiction and more.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Pamela Keene, Amy Smith, Olga Grab, Monica Schroeder and Karen Miller.

  • Neville Blakemore and Jessica Bird.

  • Eleanor Hawkins, Carey Coleson, Mary Spencer and Patty Weeks.

  • Tobey Coyle, Kim Thompson, Kristina Peters, Gudrun Peters and Barbara Ballard.

  • Kristina and Gudrun Peters.

  • Angela Champion Sprowl and Neville Blakemore.

  • Abigail Costello and Sara Smith Bowman.

  • Amy Smith, Monica Schroeder, Abigail Costello, Sara Smith Bowman and Pamela King.

  • Kelsi Barnes, Maria Beckman and Olga Grab.

  • Jennifer Porter, Linda Bush, Leigh Graf, Tonda Drinkard Helton, Jennifer Porter, Jasmine Drinkard and Vonda Drinkard.

  • Donna Young and David Sharpe.

  • Pat Carrico and Tonya Higgins.

  • Sarah Friedman and Melanie Anderson.

  • Kathy Champion, Theresa Blake, Margaret Payne, Maurica Clouser, Marilyn McDaniel, Cindy Sprowl and Angela Champion Sprowl.

  • Susie Conley, Sandy Woods, Cory Knepp, Judy Buckman and Debbie Sussman.

  • Barbara Ballard and Gudrun Peters.

  • Matt Wilson, Lindsay Ramser, Amy Smith, Julie Breedlove and Susan Schroeder.

  • Donna Koenig and Mary Layman.

  • Martha Wheeler and Ann Bizzell.

  • Patty Magruder and Jane Queenan.