The Romeo + Juliet Gala

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

The Louisville Ballet’s annual fundraiser was held at the Omni Hotel on Sept. 8. Guests enjoyed a seated dinner and cocktails at the gala before traveling to the newly reopened Kentucky Center for the Arts to see the premiere of “Romeo + Juliet.”

  • Donna Tatum-Johns and Crystalin Heroux.

  • Mary Strench, Nick and Ann Maree Keith with Bill Strench.

  • Brooke Perry Pardue, Edwin Perry and Elizabeth Perry Spalding.

  • Brooke Perry Pardue, Edwin Perry, K. Shaver Perry and Elizabeth Perry Spalding.

  • Walter and Valinda Weibel with Lexus of Louisville.

  • Suzette Miguel, Jody Howard and Angela Hagan.

  • Sam and Mary Moseley with Edie Bingham, Al Shands and Sharon Potter.

  • Chair for the event and Louisville Ballet board member Viki Diaz and Director of Development for the Louisville Ballet Diane Davis.

  • Paul and Viki Diaz.

  • Rashna Carmicle and Cheri Collis White.

  • Rashna Carmicle, Viki Diaz and Cheri Collis White.

  • Janet DenUyl, Julie Hansen and Elsa Oldham.

  • Susan and Mark Bronner.

  • Elliott and Emmory Shipley with Bright Spring.

  • Director of Development for the Louisville Ballet Diane Davis, Christian Squires, Edie Bingham, Robert Curran, Al Shands and Janet DenUyl.

  • Diane Davis, Robert Curran and Barbara Sexton Smith.

  • Barbara Sexton Smith, Henry and Sharon Potter with Cathy and Congressman John Yarmuth.

  • Kate and Lindsey Latts.

  • Lynn Carmicle, Shannon Crawford and Shelly Breier.

  • Mick and Carolyn Burton.

  • Costume assistant for the Louisville Ballet Jan Berletti, Martha York and Crystalin Heroux.

  • Jane and Ted Smith.

  • Cassie and Brian Armstrong.

  • Dave Sheehan, Lindsay Gaddie, Megan Imel and Adam Waldner.

  • Grace Wooding and Robert Cox.

  • Viki Diaz, Artistic & Executive Director of the Louisville Ballet Robert Curran and Shannon Cogan.