Rodes Customer Appreciation Day

Rodes For Him For Her hosted their annual holiday gathering with friends and family on Dec. 1. Customers of all ages celebrated the season and met with Santa to share their Christmas wishes.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Santa and a wee elf.

  • Lowell and Nancy Stevens.

  • Margaret Kilgore with Teddy.

  • Baby Jack showing off his brother Teddy's kicks.

  • Eric and Judy Roland with Rodes stylist Jeff Hunter.

  • Anita Henkel, Elf No. 1.

  • Bart and Beth McMahon.

  • Ben, Izabella, Lily Kate, and Lilah Sullivan with Zsuzsanna Iorincz.

  • Maegan Hook, Sue Vogt and Jordan Hocker.

  • The Owens Family with Beth Javier.

  • The Benjamin Family.

  • Santa and Edmond.

  • Beth Andrews and Kennedy Carter.

  • Winona Shiprek and Wonda L. Anderson.

  • Sisters out shopping, Ronna Mark and Gail Darling.

  • Margaret and Doug Krawszwk.

  • Marybeth and Jim Beard.