Rodeo Drive’s 26th Birthday

On. Aug. 22, friends and staff members of Rodeo Drive celebrated the store’s 26th birthday. The evening included giveaways, raffles and packages and treatments from Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Kevin Katz and Ron Koff.

  • Raquel Koff and Daniel Strasser.

  • Natalie Goldstein, Olga Goldstein and Alicia Williams.

  • Raquel Koff and Michelle Tasman.

  • Raquel Koff and Michelle Tasman.

  • Kristy Ray Sheehan, Debra Lively and Jean Wilkinson.

  • Lizzie Cohen, Sara Shpilberg, Karen Shpilberg and Raquel Koff.

  • Sara Gould, Raquel Koff and Judge Joan Byer.

  • Lesley Dicken and Sandy Bailen.

  • Sara Shpilberg, Angie Schultz and Barbara Vaggess.

  • Angie Schultz, Raquel Koff, Barbara Vaggess, Sara Shpilberg and Michelle Tasman.

  • Ashton Gahm, Gail Wringer, Kathy Bloch, Valerie Hall and Laura Swenson.

  • Heather Smith and Maria Valera.