Rodeo Drive Turns 25

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

Rodeo Drive commemorated its 25th anniversary with a week-long celebration Sept. 24-28, incluing a Sept. 27 birthday bash where guests shopped and enjoyed giveaways and door prizes.

  • Patti Swope, Raquel Koff and Katy Brown.

  • Jayna Jamison and Vicki Smith.

  • Lindsay Cloutier and Angie Schultz.

  • Katy Brown holding up her magazine feature.

  • Katy Brown holding up her magazine feature.

  • Bob Stuecker and Raquel Koff.

  • Claire Alagia and Patti Goldstein.

  • Mona Brodsky and Laura Swenson.

  • Maxine Rouben and Sara Gould.

  • Raquel Koff, Linda Spielberg, Laura Swenson, Rachel Lynch, Amanda Dickerson, Lindsay Cloutier, Heather Smith, Sara Shpilberg, Patti Goldstein, Michelle Tasman, Courtney Buchganini and Marsha Wells.

  • Evalyn Grossman and Joan Byer.

  • Karen Shpilberg, Lizzie & Daniel Cohen, Raquel Koff, Jacob, Sarah, Andrea and Michelle Shpilberg.

  • Patti Swope next to her Dolce & Gabana outfit, circa 2006.

  • Marsha Wells, Barbara Boggess, and Ron & Raquel Koff.

  • Lindsay Coultier, Angie Schultz, Courtney Buchganini, Daniel Cohen, Raquel Koff and Michelle Tasman.

  • Michelle Tasman, Sarah Shpilberg and Raquel Koff.

  • Bruce Perkins and Beth Andrews.

  • Margie McCall.

  • Bruce Perkins, Beth Andrews and Raquel & Ron Koff.

  • Michelle Tasman and Raquel Koff posing next to their vintage outfits.

  • Lizzie Cohen and Bill Fowler.

  • Elizabeth Oldham and Courtney Buchganini.

  • Sarah Shpilberg and Patti Swope.

  • Daniel Cohen and Jerry Steinberg.

  • Raquel Koff, Karen Levine and Leslye Dicken.

  • Lizzie & Daniel Cohen.