Rick Morehead and Bill Howard’s 50th Anniversary

On May 18, Rick Morehead and Bill Howard celebrated 50 years together with a masquerade-themed party at their home in Washington Square.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Rick Morehead and Bill Howard.

  • Early Autumn and Carmel Bowman.

  • Rick Morehead and Bill Howard.

  • Rick Morehead shows off the accessories he made from items purchased at Caufields.

  • Rick Morehead and Liz Hart.

  • Doug U'Sellis and Ginny Brown.

  • Bill Senn and Rick Morehead.

  • Rick Morehead, Kim Steen, Soldier and Bill Howard.

  • Rick Morehead, Bill Howard and Walter Lee.

  • Rick Morehead, Ruby Ballinger, Bill Howard and Angela Nief.

  • Rick Morehead, Vince Weshaleski and Bill Howard.

  • Kim Steen with Soldier, Brad and Keisha Norrington.

  • Early Autumn.