Richard Shu Art Show

Photos by Photos by Kathryn Harrington

Local artist and urban sketcher Richard Shu debuted a solo art show on Sept. 8 to benefit the Waterfront Botanical Gardens. Guests mingled with the artist in an intimate setting while viewing his signature watercolor collections. 

  • Janet Rupp and Maurita Goodman.

  • Mary Ann and Richard Shu.

  • Buddy and Nan Sattich.

  • Cap and Judy Hoskins, Buddy and Nan Sattich with Mary Ann Shu.

  • Debbie Phelps, Marian Johnson and Mary Bryan.

  • Richard Shu with Buddy and Nan Sattich.

  • Anna and Rosemary Middleton with Barbie Horton.

  • Jay and Trina O’Brien with Mary and Ace Hazelip.

  • Judy Schmitt and Maria Hampton.

  • Debbie Meredith and Laura Weis.

  • Laura Weis and Debbie Meredith.

  • Chip and Bets Montgomery with Barbara and Allen Kannapell.

  • Phil and Joy Stuecker.

  • Phil and Joy Stuecker.

  • Maurita Goodman and Janet Rupp.