Queen’s Daughters’ Fashion Show & Luncheon

Presented by Dillard’s, this annual fashion experience took place at the Olmsted on March 12. The Queen’s Daughters is a charitable service group in the Archdiocese of Louisville that fundraises throughout the year to raise money for their Scholarship Program and Mother-Infant Care Program.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Nancy Poole, Ann Maney and Bonnie Chester.

  • Rosie Sprawls and Nancy Painchud.

  • Maggie and Kristen Riddick.

  • Laura Riggle, Michelle Fulton and Karen Estes.

  • Joyce Jennings, George Tanner and Barbara Klump.

  • Judy Fox, Laura Jackson and Marinell Baker.

  • Jill Hall and Emily Puffer.

  • Ruth Smith, Barbara Aubrey and Pam Sturgeon.

  • Nicole Zelli, Janet Elmer and Angie Engledow.

  • Patsy Straub, Tess Zaepfel and Sharon Long.

  • Judy Wright, Patti Kuchenbrod and Teresa Nash.

  • Keely Monsour, Mistianna Barnes and Amy Daus.

  • Jane Senn, Mary Brauner and Frances Taylor.

  • Paula and Martha McKenna with Sharon Spath.

  • Gayle Block and Sharon Spath.

  • Colletta Herbig, Mary Grether and Elaine Russell.

  • Birdie Ogburn, Rose Allen and Sissie Henderson.

  • Lauren Novak and Kim Mackin.

  • Teresa Meyer, Sharon Ciacio, Emily Felhoelter, Lynnie Meyer, Judge Jessica Moore, Mary Lou Meyer, Susan Moore, Helen King, Dianne Carli and Maggie Bauer.

  • Martha Dorsey and Cathy Greulich.

  • Carolyn LaChance, Sue Peege and Judy McIntyre.

  • Stephanie Neal and Joan Eisert.

  • Joyce Jennings, Bonnie Stith, Annette Amshoff, Barbara Klump and Nancy Morris.

  • Mary Jo Horlander and Peg Bergamini.

  • Marlene Will and Eileen Walsh.

  • Linda Woodrow, Judie Westmeier and Rose Kamer.

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