Pure Barre Pop-Up

Photos by Jeff Howard and Karen Mumme

Pure Barre and Milestone Wellness Center led a crowd-pleasing workout at Captain’s Quarters on July 21. More than 250 participants took part in the pop-up with instructors Annie Locke, Katie Price Esterle and Jeff Howard.

  • Susannah Cregor, Sarah medley peace and Lucy Roth

  • Bob Snyder , Charley Harold and mark Eliason

  • Ellie Gerlach and Sara Smith

  • Hannah Doll and Claire McCormick

  • Lindsey Grey and Annie Pennybaker

  • Shea Maloney and Marie Kelli’s

  • Carol O’Bryan,Julie O’Bryon,Katie price Esterle Kelly Leopold,Jen Bridwell

  • Madison and Debbie Eberenz

  • Cheryl Parish, Grace Parish , Anna Parrish and Alyssa Arnet

  • Katie Price Esterle, Annie Locke and Jeff Howard