Progressive Dinner Whiskey Row Roam Around

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

The Main Street Association hosted its 22nd annual tasting event on Oct. 5. Guests met at the Georgian Suites on Whiskey Row before hopping from restaurant to restaurant throughout the evening. Participating restaurants included Doc Crows, Troll Pub, Sidebar and more. The evening came to a close with dessert at Duluth Trading Company.

  • Leigh & Andrew House.

  • Katharine Schafferman, Ricky Browning, Rachel & Ryan Miranda, Kaitlyn & Tim George.

  • Karen & Chris Dunn.

  • Michael Crawford and William Schultz.

  • Mary & Sean Woods.

  • Donnie Helstern and Andrew Kolkmeyer.

  • Mica Jochim and Kelly Will.

  • Bill & Tammy Baily with Bill & Terri Hurley.

  • Bill & Tammy Baily.

  • Bill & Terri Hurley.

  • Imani Bland, Ethan Yates, Melissa Cobbs and Sandy Terrell.

  • Kathryn Rossenbaum, Janette Mercer and Jamie Friedman.

  • Nancy & Thomas Nance.

  • Bill & Dana Harris.

  • Steve Adams, Julie Scoskie and Laurie Anne Roberts.

  • Mariah Kline and Britany Baker.

  • Mary Twohig, George Harrison, Andrew Araque, Erin Wilkins, Jose Araque, Erin Wilkins, Kayla Davis, Andy Embry and Ashley Cuyjet.

  • Andy & Wendy Treinen.

  • Kenneth Wright, Josiah Alstott, Omicah House and Ryan Benningfield.

  • Karen Davis and Liz Percival.

  • Dick & Julie Rakowski.

  • Katie Delaune, Sara Brown and David Nichols.

  • Josh Ceasar, Debra Byrd and Ken Herndon.

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