Prestigious Properties 2019

Presented by Class Act Federal Credit Union, this year’s Prestigious Properties party took place at 200 Mockingbird Gardens Dr. on May 30. Real estate, building and design professionals mingled and toured the gorgeous estate, which is on the market through REMAX/Alliance and the Birkhead Group. Drinks were provided by Old 502 Winery and Tito’s Handmade Vodka, tasty bites were provided by Wiltshire Pantry and Sweets by Millie and valet parking was provided by Ready Valet.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Cynthia Johns, Sandy Neuman, Kevin Johns, Lisa Stege and Bryce Gohl.

  • Lisa Stege and Michelle Magrum.

  • Lisa Stege and Kevin Garner, Tony and Merrell Workman with Magz LeMaster.

  • Kyle Roth, Faith Shepherd, Rachel Masterson, Jennifer Fraser, Anna Deason and Ben Gornet.

  • Gagel Jones, Svea Allgeier, Susan Graves, Matty Brown and Yvonne Overstreet.

  • Lauren Bradley Cox and Katya Estes.

  • Mariah Kline and Karen Pierce.

  • Michelle Hutchings and Sean Mumaw.

  • Les Hamilton, Toni Blange and Michelle Magrum with Cynthia and Kevin Johns.

  • Ashley Hadley and Missy Jordan.

  • Lisa Johnson, Suzy Watkins and Laverne Williams looking through the Prestigious Properties issue.

  • Jason Schmidt and Bruce Corwin.

  • Britany Baker, Laura Snyder and Laura Ross.

  • Adam Caperton, Bryce Cariel and Mat Harris.

  • Larry Birkhead, Jane Rose-Zupetz and Lesa Buckler.

  • Lisa Johnson and Kevin Johns.

  • Erica McDowell and David Grantz.

  • Sandy Neuman and Kevin Garner.

  • George and Lisa Stege with Larry Birkhead.

  • Darla Murphy and Anne Baldridge.

  • Molly Cannon with Darla Murphy and Anne Baldridge.

  • Yatsay Oliva, Margie Cox, Andrew Marquardt, Michelle Hutchings and Sean Mumaw.

  • Ryan Olexa, Kevin Johns, Yvonne Overstreet, Vickie Gruver, Terri Fisher and Gabrielle Wermuth of Class Act Federal Credit Union.

  • Larry Birkhead and Angie Fenton.

  • Claire Alagia and Valerie Combs.

  • Courtney Kinney Woeste and Kevin Johns.