Pink UnTied

For the second year in a row, Susan G. Komen Kentucky hosted this fundraiser to help benefit their mission of cutting breast cancer deaths in half by 2026. The event took place at the Omni Hotel on March 8 and included dinner, a survivor celebration and dancing to live music by Endless Summer.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Kim Williams and Diane Warner.

  • Jamie Friedman, Becky Sharp and Tamara Guelda.

  • Dr. Tiffany Berry and Dr. Brian Thornton.

  • Carolyn Haydon, Amy Pehlke and Annabelle Tacogue.

  • Christine and Todd Metzmeier.

  • Chris Costello, Nate Schaffner and Brian Merrill.

  • Zach and Christine Swanson.

  • Hilary Costello and Mandy Schaffner.

  • Sabrina Hackett, Loreal Gavin and Dr. Kathryn Rosenbaum.

  • Sherry Emly and Samantha Huber.

  • Gerina Whethers and Sheila Eaves.

  • Artist Ben Reynolds.

  • Leslie Dressel, Shannon Lampton and Kelsey Starks.

  • Alexa and Kim Hix with Blake Russ.

  • Sarah Cecil, Tiffany Cecil, Carrie Leach and Angela Craig.

  • Artist Ben Reynolds.

  • John Weeks with Rodney and Dana Brewer.

  • Laura Widders and Heidi Fuller.

  • Jane Terrell, Candie Baker and Bingjing Xu.

  • Cassie Bullock, Alyson Wiggins, Andrea Ritter, Lauren Staggs, Tina Gilbert and Cydney Raymond.

  • Michelle Burtel and Kathryn Hansen.

  • The cutest auction item at Pink Untied.

  • Jennifer and Travis Adams.

  • Denise Melancon and Kaoru Hawley.

  • Denise and Larry Melancon with Sandy and Kaoutsu Hawley.

  • Tia Moore and Rod Ledford.

  • Emily Henderson and Ivoree Bailey.

  • Candy and Bob Weddington.

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