Pie Auction Benefiting Kosair Charities

On Nov. 24, dessert enthusiasts gathered at Mellwood Art Center to bid on specialty pies and treats made by well-known local chefs and other Kosair Charities supporters.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • David and Alicia Scheu with Kate and Shelly Brotzge.

  • Ashley Seifrit and Christy Brotzge.

  • Phyllis O'Daniel, Allan Parnell, Harry Lusk and Matt Brotzge.

  • Angela Forman, Jadan Gambill, Brooklyn Roller and De De Cox.

  • Kathy and Randy Bloch with Rachel Collier.

  • Denise Hoskinson and Reba Doutrick.

  • Markus Winkler, Porter Watkins and Craig Scherman.

  • Meryl Craig, Chad Wallace, Larry Craig, Kathy Wallace, Rocky Hiser and Karsyn Wallace.

  • Brooklyn Roller with another delectable cake.

  • Keith Inman and H. Stroth.

  • Joan Gabriele and Evelyn Gabriele-Burke.

  • Brooklyn Roller with the banana foster cake.

  • Joe and Gina Schodrowski.

  • Marla Zimmerman, Lynn Hamilton, Julie Anson, Linda Dixon, Susan Keller, Mona Hoyle and Carrie Smith.