“Picasso: From Antibes to Louisville” Opening

KMAC members got a first look at “Picasso: From Antibes to Louisville,” on Dec. 13 at KMAC Museum. The exhibit includes more than 50 works of Pablo Picasso that have never been seen outside of Europe before, and it is up for viewing through March 22.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Demi Bechtloff and Emily Miles.

  • Larry Shapin, Whitney Olsen and Ladonna Nicolas.

  • Joey Yates, Robert Simpson, John Sistarenik and Andy Perry.

  • Amanda and Julio Driggs.

  • Michelle Passi and Gerry Ceballos.

  • Bob Kotheimer and Kathy Bean.

  • Ladonna Nicolas and Larry Shapin.

  • Nina Kersey and Rachel Singel.

  • Nina Kersey.

  • Madeleine Williams and Hunter Kissel.

  • Anna and Cara Bass-Wilson.

  • Charlotte Ready and Marilyn Meredith.

  • Summer Wheat.

  • Shulamit Nazarian, Summer Wheat and Joey Yates.