“Picasso” Donor Dinner

High-level donors of KMAC Museum took part in a special dinner and viewing of “Picasso: From Antibes to Louisville” on Dec. 12.

Photos by Andrea Hutchinson

  • Summer Wheat and Shulamit Nazarian.

  • Theresa Carpenter Beames and Julie Bowie.

  • Sonia and Houston Mills viewing sketches from Picasso.

  • Aldy Milliken, Mayor Greg Fischer and Jean-Louis Andral.

  • Jim Haynes, Gaela Erwin, Summer Wheat, Joey Yates and Shulamit Nazarian.

  • John and Heather O'Callaghan with Gail Tway.

  • Gretchen Milliken, Jean-Louis Andral and Michelle Staggs.

  • Ted and Edie Nixon.

  • Stephanie Barrett, Kevin Borland and Debbie Huddleston Mitchell.

  • Stephen George and Patrick Hoerter.

  • Jessica Morgan and Virginia Lee.

  • Jim Haynes and Lindy Street.

  • Leslie Millar and Beth Davis.

  • Carol and Brant Venice.

  • Aldy Milliken and Karen Williams.

  • Aldy Milliken introducing the new Picasso exhibit at KMAC.