Passalino’s NYE Bash

Photos by Bill Wine

Guests rang in the new year at the Downtown hotspot Passalino’s with an open bar, hors d’oeuvres and a champagne toast at midnight. The evening’s entertainment was provided by DJ Rewind.

  • Skyler Heinstein and Laura Neumayer.

  • Renee Davis, Mark Rogers and Katrina Zeiler.

  • Jerry and Nancy Hampleman, Alysha Rice and Luke Hampleman.

  • Brady Patterson and Corinne Peabody.

  • Zach Elmore and Anne Leigh McAllister.

  • Michael Scott, McKenna Motley, Lexie McCrory, Alex Payton, Jeff Barns and Jessica Foster.

  • Clinton and Sandy Smith.

  • Erica Floyd, Sam Lawson, Stephanie Etienne and Brittany Lichtefeld.

  • Alex Purdy, Hannah Brown, Olivia Maines and Christian Friedly.

  • Jay and Desiree Schultz with Briana and Shaun Shepherd.

  • Matt Dutton, Jessica Titzer, Alexxis Distler and Nick Ward.

  • Derek Ferch, Katie Bishop, Maddie Peabody and Zach Zweizig.

  • Taylor Davis, Morgan Clemons, Corinne Peabody and Brady Patterson.

  • Josh Wallis and Kimberly Magness.

  • Dirk and Ria Medley, Brandon and Tracy Weller, Johnathan Brown and Kourtney Davish

  • Passalino's NYE.

  • Passalino's NYE.

  • Tiffany Thieneman, Janet Sewell and Whitney Prokosch.

  • Cherie Beattie and Brad Ector.

  • Joe Bierman and Nicole Dobbs.