Party for Bill and Becky Lamb

On Aug. 10, Angela Bisig and Arnold Rivera hosted a going-away dinner party for Bill and Becky Lamb at their home.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Becky and Bill Lamb.

  • Mary Meiners and Marti Hazel.

  • Debbie King and Bill Lamb.

  • Becky Lamb and Dayle Benton

  • Arnold Rivera.

  • Arnold Rivera.

  • Judge Tara Hagerty, Jim and Dayle Benton, Judge Angela Bisig with Mary and Terry Meiners.

  • Judge Angela Bisig and Arnold Rivera.

  • Walter Weibel, Bill Lamb and Valinda Weibel.

  • Marti Hazel, Bill Lamb, Valinda Weibel and Paul Baker.

  • Amy and Sterling Lapinski.

  • Jerry and Madeline Abramson, Sterling and Amy Lapinski with Arnold Rivera and Judge Angela Bisig.

  • Jim and Dayle Benton with Arnold Rivera.

  • Terry Meiners, Debbie King and Becky Lamb.