Papa John’s 10 Miler

The final leg of the Triple Crown of Running took place on the morning of March 23. Hundreds of people from Louisville and beyond came out to participate in the three races in support of WHAS Crusade for Children. Flannery Musk came in first place for the women’s division in all three races, and Edwin Kibichiy came in first place for the men’s division in all three races. The two Triple Crown winners each received prize money of $500.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Dolores White and Stacy Anderson.

  • Ely and Evelyn Heard.

  • Jeanette Moore and Michele Elzy.

  • Jessica Schellenberger, Callum Buchanan and Brittany Rusinko.

  • Kelsie McMahel with Roark, Reece and Ryan Thompson.

  • Kami, Caeden and Suzi O'Shea.

  • Travis Coomer, Dave Runyon, Marc Gartner and Bill Evans.

  • Donna, Jacob, William and Caitlyn Comstock.

  • Marcy Garcia, Marilyn Sink and Carman Bush.

  • Sarah and Torsten Hopp.

  • Axel, Axel and Carolyn Halvarson.

  • UofL Sports Administration volunteers.

  • Blair Ferrel and Amir Sheth.

  • Deborah and Billie Bruckman.

  • Brent and Shera Moulton.

  • Denny Reynolds and Brenda Winstead.

  • Heather Schmitz, Tiffany Dietz and Karen Tweedy.

  • Nancy Stephens and Marta Roller.

  • Karen Brady and Laura Ferguson.

  • Greg, Samantha and Sharon Geary.