Out of The Blue Jet Show

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

Louisville Executive Aviation hosted their Out of The Blue Jet Show on Oct. 6. Guests mingled in the hangar and had an exclusive look at their private jet fleet accompanied by luxury Porsche vehicles provided by Blue Grass MOTORSPORT.

  • Ashley Laine, Mark Geary and Lindsey O’Daniel.

  • Sue Schaefer, Rick Alvey and Judy Chandler.

  • Stacy Neely, Mary Beth Schutte and Holly Winebrenner.

  • Dana Daily and Dick Wilson.

  • Aileen and Darryl Wales.

  • Dana Daily, Alex Hepfinger, Annabelle Klein and Mark Clore.

  • Erin Greenwood, Erica Samelson and Shae Beckwith.

  • Tom Hall, Stefanie Dunbar, Janet Reilly and Martha Hall.

  • Pat Macdonald, Russell Cotton and Tim Huval.

  • Elizabeth Hoagland and Patti Swope.

  • Georgia and Patrick Farnan.

  • Ben Boelscher and Courtney Nussbaumer.

  • Beth Graham, Kristen Jensen and Erica Samelson.

  • Liz Bingham, Madison Ewing, Karen Casi, Alex Hepfinger and Dana Daily.

  • Michelle and Bill Mudd.

  • Steve Gurley, Wes Crowdis, Martin Winebrenner and Austin Eisert.

  • Scott and Anita Tomchek.

  • L.T. Hoagland and Reynolds Jones.

  • Megan Oskins and James Knezevith.

  • Megan and Tyler DeGaris.

  • Tyler and Scott DeGaris.

  • Misha Roznowski.

  • Program Manager for Porsche Drive Kassandra Queeno.

  • Program Manager for Porsche Drive Kassandra Queeno.

  • Tyler DeGaris and Liam Geary.