Our Good Earth 2019

St. Francis School hosted this elegant outdoor fundraiser in the fields of their Goshen campus on Oct. 19.

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

  • Ann Mundt, Renee Hennessy, Margaret Tuttle and Amanda Schriber.

  • Jamie and Al Paradis.

  • Marla and Lee Guillaume.

  • Frank Wiley, Head of School Alexandra Thurstone, Lisa Wiley and Andy Thurstone.

  • Tushar Nayar and Catherine Schuster.

  • Sherry Morrison and Leslie Axel.

  • Charles and Leah Joy.

  • Viki and Paul Diaz with Brian and Judy Riendeau.

  • Stacy Thurman and Anna Smith.

  • Lorie Davenport, Betty Radford, Lee Middendorf, Karen Helm and Chad Middendorf.

  • Ariana and Crystal Massey.

  • Brad and Michelle Stevenson with Jeanette and Joe Nunnelley.

  • Andrew and Minjoo Bayers with Ariana and Crystal Massey.

  • Jack Hardwick, Harriet Wood and Bill Schreiber.

  • Moira Payne and Al Shands.

  • James Melhuish and Lisa Ewen.

  • Derek Nafziger and Leighanne Mason.

  • WAVE 3's Kevin Harned and Tommy Clark with SVN CRE and Auctions representing Menish Productions.

  • Anna and Terry McCurry with Elliott and Christa Rounsavall.

  • Missy Klein and Mitch Slaughter.

  • Aaron and Anna Maria Goss with Leslye Arnett and Andrew George.

  • Erin Martin and Chris Hampton.

  • Ashtan and Michael Moriarty.